We are proud to have our BrickFast panel be an integral part of hundreds of projects nationwide.  Here are just a few of them that we feel showcase our product--more photos can be found in our gallery.
New Luxury Apartments
Cambridge, MA (2020)

Our BrickFast Panel System was used in this new construction project to install gorgeous McNear Thin Brick. This project features Red Wire Cut thin brick out of Massachusetts.


Check out more images in our gallery!

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Hilton Garden Inn
Bartlesville, OK (2010)


In 2010 we worked on the Hilton Garden Inn.  For this project, the architect called for our product specifically.  We are proud to say that the entire project used our product.  It was designed with BrickFast panel and Endicott thin brick.

Restaurant Rennovation
Illinois (2004)


The Good 'Ol Days Family Restaurant was rennovated in 2004 using BrickFast.  For this project, McNear thin brick was chosen for its old-world look with a tumbled thin brick design. It was chosen to enhance the building's beauty and value.



(See the gallery for an enlarged before-and-after!)

Newtown Shops
Williamsburg, VA (2006)


The Newtown Shops in Williamsburg, Virginia were designed using BrickFast Panel and Endicott thin brick.  It consists of various buildings totaling roughly 40,000 sq feet.  We worked with the architect and developer closely throughout the project, who selected our product to save on construction costs.

Panera Bread
Richmond, VA (2005)


BrickFast was used in the construction of a Panera Bread in Richmond's trendy Stony Point Fashion Park.  Since this project, we have also done other Panera Breads in the Midwest.  The Richmond project became a design basis for these other locations. 

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