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The BRICKFAST® Wall Panel is simply the best panel on the market. It is the only panel that was specifically designed to take advantage of the dovetail back of thin bricks.
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BRICKFASTs unique sliding track design allows thin bricks to mechanically fasten to the panel. This patented design uses precision cuts to ensure a smooth, secure fit.






BRICKFAST is made of 28 gauge G60 hot dipped galvanized steel, and meets or exceeds ASTM A653. Also meets ASTM E330 (transverse windload), and ASTM G23 (accelerated weathering). 


BRICKFAST® is quick and easy to install, with simple-to-follow instructions.

Our goal is to make BRICKFAST® Panel and thin brick the products of choice for your next construction project




BRICKFAST® Panel and thin brick the products of choice for your next construction project.

7 Reasons to Choose BRICKFAST®

1. Save time -- BRICKFAST® is easy to install. It is simply faster to install thin brick with the BRICKFAST® Panel.

2. Save money -- Requires half the amount of adhesive than other products.

3. Unique design -- The only product on the market with a precision die-cut feature that allows dove-tailed bricks to be attached mechanically.

4. Effective -- No need for a brick ledge. The panel carries the weight of the brick.

5. Lightweight -- Approximately 7 lbs. per foot (including brick and mortar).

6. Add beauty & value -- Brick-sided homes and buildings have a higher appraised value and lower maintenance

7. Promote drainage -- Will not trap moisture behind the brick or panel. Design promotes water drainage.

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